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Inspired by his own artistic practice, French artist Émilien Buffard launches “Sport Friendly: The Field of Diversity!”, a participatory art project that highlights players from around the world seeking to redefine the classic values of sports. The project asserts that everyone has their place, regardless of their sexual orientation or identity, gender, physical or social condition. This photographic action marks a social commitment against discrimination and violence in sports through a diversity figurine/miniature album and a global photographic exhibition. Since 2022, more than 1000 people from 16 countries have joined the Sport Friendly project, 100% supported by institutions.

Together, let’s continue this global register on inclusive sports!

Make the voices of the players in your city/region resonate worldwide through photography, to engage in conversations, break down barriers, and create bridges between communities. Whether you are an organization in the cultural network abroad (Alliances Françaises, Instituts Français, Embassies, etc…), an NGO, or a citizen collective, lead your Sport Friendly action around essential themes such as diversity, trans identity, feminism, disability, racism, bullying, community, and education, to name a few. These photographs and testimonies will be visible not only within local communities, displayed in public spaces or within your institution, but also worldwide, as each action is documented and shared online.

Let's unite for greater diversity in the world through art and sport!

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Who is Émilien Buffard?

With his project “Sport Friendly: The Field of Diversity!”, Émilien Buffard utilizes photography to unveil a sporting reality, which autonomously unfolds in cities across different countries, reflecting a social impulse that significantly disrupts long-established norms. His work prompts reflection on the importance of representation and inclusion in sports, challenging stereotypes that limit the participation of certain groups. Buffard celebrates diversity and demonstrates that sports can be a form of expression and empowerment for all identities. His work invites us to reimagine sports as a respectful space where every body and person finds their place.

By exhibiting in public spaces and museums, French artist Émilien Buffard initiates a dialogue with those who may not always be attuned to the cause of diversity. His works have been viewed by over a million spectators and have been featured in multiple exhibitions, including at the 3rd South American Youth Games, at the Embassy of France in the United States, within the Networks of French Alliances and Instituts Français in 16 countries, at the Centre del Carme Cultura Contemporánea (Valencia, Spain), at the Centro Cultural Kirchner (Argentina), as well as on the facades of major stadiums. International media coverage of his work extends to Brazil, Venezuela, the United Kingdom, Argentina, Germany, Spain, and France, among other countries.

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